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The Bright Lion is no Jeopardized Species. Bright tigers certainly are a rarely occurring aberrant of nature. Their color is not organic and inside a crazy environment it’d really hamper them as a hunter. Nature has prepared the conventional lion with a pelage which allows it to camouflage it self to mixture with ease into […]

So, you’ve built a grand decision. You have decided to get all of the words you’ve been scribbling in that old noticed arrangement notebook and ultimately set some music in it for the world to hear! But now what? You already know that you might want to connect with a music producer. But maybe there […]

From the full time I learned of their technology I have wanted having my own personal qualified Beat Creating Application, to help with making my own personal beats for the audio I do want to create. It is just remarkable just thinking about the possibility of creating my own personal audio within my space at […]

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